New Year’s Eve Image and notes

Moon over the Fairgrounds

Moon shining over the Sanders County Fairgrounds.


The above image was made on the foggy evening of New Year’s Eve, 2011.  The camera was mounted on the tripod and set to landscape, cloudy, and aperature priority.  Aperature priority on the camera (also P on the dial) causes the camera to set the appropriate shutter speed.  Also, the IS (Image Stabilizer) setting on the lens was turned off.  If you mount your camera on a tripod and use the IS or VR this can result in the lens trying to stabilize, which will give your image a blurred or out of focus look commonly called “noise.”  The camera lens was set at 18mm, shutter speed was 3.5, ISO used was 100, exposure time was 30 seconds, and shot was created using RAW and later minimally digitally processed.  I did not have a cable release at the time to trigger the shutter without touching the camera, which is highly recommended to further reduce camera shake and noise.  (I have since bought such a device and will in a future post; discuss how to use it, include an image made with it, and the differences in image quality.)


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