Abstract Photographs and Water

An abstract photograph using food coloring in varied temperatures of water.

An abstract photograph using food coloring in varied temperatures of water.

Creating abstract photographs is both challenging and rewarding.  The challenge is to find or create an abstract image that is new, different, colorful, and appealing.  The reward is discovering that what you have found or created is what you had envisioned.

The image here was made from drops of food coloring in varying temperatures of water in a tall glass vase.  The water was not disturbed at any time during the creation of this image.  Each color was dropped at the top of the water at different locations; close to the front, in the middle, in back, and to one side.  As the food coloring slowly moved through the water I waited and watched to see how the colors mingled and moved.  I snapped several images of this process; at the start, after a minute, then several minutes later, and again as the water moved lower in the glass vase.

The finished photograph was adjusted slightly in post-processing by; cropping the image tighter,  adding some fill light, increasing the highlights slightly, and an adjustment of the shadows.  This is the first image of four posted onto my Fine Art America website (http://douglas-wilks.artistwebsites.com).

I plan on creating more of these abstracts using different liquids and objects inside the vase.   Do you prefer to find your abstracts in nature or at home?  Are your abstract images colorful, different, and appealing?  Have you ever used food coloring to create an abstract photograph?

About Douglas Wilks Photography

I am an advanced photographer who lives in western Montana. I create a variety of strong images using a DSLR, computer, and digital software. I am available for hire for full time, part time, or projects. Most of my images are of landscapes, still life, and events. I am always looking to improve my skills, network of friends and professionals, and portfolio. I look forward to creating new friends, contacts, and others who are interested in photography.
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