The Journey Continued

While still in high school I continued to be involved with the photo club, taking many rolls of black and white film.  My senior year I was in the school’s publications class, which was responsible for creating the student newspaper and helping design the yearbook.  My resonsibly was to develop more film and make quality prints for the yearbook.  I also helped write several articles for the student newspaper.  I had a strong interest then in becoming a professional photographer.  An interest which stayed with me after graduating high school.  I did not have my own 35mm camera until 1986.  I had a summer job working for a concessioner in Yellowstone National Park.  That summer I bought a relatively inexpensive camera “kit” which consisted of a Pentax ME Super, 50mm lens, 70-210mm loens and tripod.  The lenses were not the highest quality or most expensive.  Yet I managed to make some quality photos and slides that year.  I worked in Yellowstone again the following year, and then in the Grand Canyon on the South Rim. The camera gear in tow and very actively used on hikes, bus trips, and learning about photography by trial and error.

Fast forward to the late 1990’s when I had changed careers and where I was living.  I no longer had the camera and lenses, as my short-lived career as a cook had been very difficult.  I had moved to Spokane and found the same model of camera in a pawn shop with a 135mm lens.  I continued to shoot film as the digital photography age began.  My education on photography was now yearly subscriptions to Shutterbug and Outdoor Photographer magazines.  I continued to shoot film, though less often than I liked due to a full time job and the stressors behind it.

Fast forward to 2011, when  I purchased the camera I now own, a Rebel XS with an 18-55mm lens.  I will soon be adding another lens and more accessories.  My digital photography knowledge and skills are advancing quickly from many places; books, online articles, the subscriptions, and talking with professional photographers.  I practice and create images at least five days a week, with some 100-200 images each week.  The entries in the days ahead will contain samples of current images and how they were created.  Stay tuned, and keep those shutters clicking.

About Douglas Wilks Photography

I am an advanced photographer who lives in western Montana. I create a variety of strong images using a DSLR, computer, and digital software. I am available for hire for full time, part time, or projects. Most of my images are of landscapes, still life, and events. I am always looking to improve my skills, network of friends and professionals, and portfolio. I look forward to creating new friends, contacts, and others who are interested in photography.
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